Group Fees

Group accounts are charged a 5% fee on any income received from a user account through tipping, mini apps, content library, digital content consumption, pay to post, referral income, or membership charges. There are no fees for transferring funds between users or businesses and no fees to receive income directly to a Bitcoin Wallet via Bitcoin or Lightning network. Fiat wallets incur a 2% merchant fee for receiving funds directly from a user.

Referral income

Groups can promote themselves via other groups or user pages using the promoted pages section, setting the percentage amount offered on any sales that might occur from that link. This is set for 3, 6, or 12 month period from the link being clicked. This referral income is shared 50/50 with Tagcash.

Data Storage and Bandwidth

Each Group is allotted 1GB of free traffic per month - anything over the free allowance is charged at 10 US cents per 1 GB (will be deducted from any wallet at equivalent rate).


Sponsored newsfeed postings may be seen at a rate of 1 advert per 10 to 15 postings within the main newsfeed of a user (not Groups newsfeed). Groups can purchase ad credits and use the Boost Newsfeed feature accessible from the Advertising Nav Link within Group admin. Groups can also offer a percentage referral income to be listed in the Recommended List and on user or group promotional pages. There is also an advertising mini app, dedicated to your own group, that is linked to the Content Library and certain other mini apps. The Group gets to keep 95% of any advertising income using this method.

Platinum Account

Creation of groups and usage of mini apps is free, but if you want your own branded experience via URL domain name, with customizable landing/login page, own logo and color scheme and extra customer support options, the fee is $20 per month for the first 1,000 users, plus $0.01 per additional user per month, plus bandwidth charges. However, if Tagcash generates more revenue from the account than the fees, those fees will be waived. You can see examples of how the custom URL domain works at or

About Us

Tagcash is a comprehensive fintech platform that enables businesses and groups to create and monetize their own customized member communities with a wide range of integrated services.

Tagcash Ltd is registered both in Delaware USA, and Philippines (authorised and regulated by the BSP (Central Bank of Philippines) as an Electronic Money Issuer.)