Main Features of Tagcash

Social Networking Capabilities

  • Hierarchy Management: Build and manage exclusive groups or custom networks with open or private settings, complete control over access, pricing, and branding.

  • Newsfeed Management: Networks can enable their own groups to publish newsfeed posts to all network members. Other groups may be charged or have restrictions on the number of posts they can make per month, ensuring an equitable and organized sharing of information.

  • Open or Closed Networks: Opt for open networks for broader group visibility or closed networks for selective group displays, with full revenue retention from user fees and shared revenue from group upgrades and advertising.

Integrated Financial Tools & Asset Management

  • Native Currency (TAG): Seamlessly transact using our native currency, TAG, within our ecosystem. TAG holds a consistent value of 1 US cent, ensuring stability and predictability for all transactions. Pricing can be set for different services and content in any fiat currency, but payments will be made via the TAG wallet, converted at USD equivalent rate. You can use TAG for various services, and if you wish to cash out, we offer the flexibility to convert TAG to Bitcoin or USDC at 90% of its value. To acquire TAG, you can purchase it using Bitcoin, USDC, USDT, or other cryptocurrencies available on different networks, as well as fiat payment methods, depending on your location.

  • Non-Custodial Wallet: TAG currency and other assets created on Tagcash are secure in our internal non-custodial wallet, but you can also access and transfer those assets using popular wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet and others. Connect to our blockchain using the RPC (, with a chainID of 1450. You can explore your transactions on our blockchain explorer at

  • Asset & NFT Management: Utilize our blockchain to create and manage NFTs, as well as other tokens, all within the same ecosystem.

  • Merchant Accounts: If you have a merchant account with Stripe, you will also be able to connect to your Network or Group accounts - this makes more sense if charging for amounts greater than the equivalent of USD $5 because of the merchant charges involved. Tagcash does not take anything for this, you receive 100% of the money you charge (less the Stripe merchant fees).

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