Bitcoin / Lightning

All users and groups have a custodial Bitcoin Wallet, and micropayments can be made from this wallet, which can be topped up or withdrawn from using any external Bitcoin or Lightning wallet.

For individual user accounts, Bitcoin can be deposited but can only be withdrawn via the Lightning network. There is a max deposit and/or balance of 0.01 BTC without user verification - for any more than that, KYC Verification is needed.

For Groups or merchant accounts, Bitcoin can be withdrawn via Lightning or Bitcoin onchain, but KYC verification is needed for withdrawals above 0.01 BTC per month, or for balances over 0.01 BTC.

Any services or products can be priced in Bitcoin SATs or any Fiat currency, but payment from users will be from Bitcoin wallet to Bitcoin wallet, at the current prevailing fiat/bitcoin rate at time of purchase. In most countries, there are many ways to buy or sell BTC and transfer via Lightning at little or no cost. Tagcash also shows where you can buy or sell, filtered by country, in the BTC SATS wallet.

Tagcash runs its own Bitcoin Lightning Node. If you want to connect directly to our node and open a channel, the public key of the node is


In Philippines, Tagcash holds an Electronic Money Issuer Central Bank license, which allows deposits, transfers via the banking system (Pesonet and Instapay) and agent network (Remittance partners, 7/11 and other agents). Within the Wallet, you can convert Bitcoin to PHP and PHP to Bitcoin. Group accounts also act as merchant accounts and charges can be set and paid in PHP for services and products sold within the platform. For direct charging via QR code, etc a 2% merchant fee is applied, and within the platform for any income derived via the mini apps, tipping, membership charging, donations etc, incur a 5% fee. User to user transfers and group to group transfers in wallet are free

Other Currencies

Tagcash is looking for ewallet partners in different countries around the world, to make it easy to make micropayments for content and services offered by groups on the platform. If you would like to talk to Tagcash about integrating your wallet with us, please chat to us via Telegram