In the vibrant digital sphere, Tagcash stands at the forefront with its advanced NFT features and the introduction of TAG NFTs. These innovations promise transformative experiences in content interaction, digital ownership, and the burgeoning world of virtual reality.

TAG NFTs: Flexible for multiple use cases

Unique in their melding of 26 variables (letters A-Z paired with numbers 0-9), TAG NFTs spring from the Bitcoin Blockchain. Every approximately 10-minute interval sees the birth of a distinct NFT, informed by the block hash. Notably, even after nearly a million blocks, there remains an absence of duplicates. These NFTs commence auction at 3000 SATS (~US$ 1). Beyond mere ownership, they come with a wealth of perks within Tagcash. Each group that adopts these NFTs can offer specialized benefits to its members, either based on the TAG NFT's unique ID (reflecting the Bitcoin block ID), the paired values of the A-Z variables, or the total SUM of all numerical values within these pairs. For instance, VTC bestows free lifetime access to its elearning library for TAG NFTs having a SUM of either 175 or above and 55 or below. Tagcash itself extends free lifetime 1TB of monthly data storage and transfer privileges to any group in possession of a TAG NFT with a SUM of 180 or more. Importantly, every group retains the autonomy to harness any TAG NFT for its unique needs and present the associated data in its preferred format.

Learn how TAG NFTs are made here

NFT Integration in Tagcash

Tagcash enhances NFT utility by allowing owners to incorporate NFTs across their choice of reputable blockchains. This fosters secure, traceable, and accessible NFT management. Furthermore, it introduces a flexible approach, recognizing diverse NFT values and allowing assets to be tailored to their inherent worth.

For gaming enthusiasts, imagine a world where in-game assets are not mere pixels but valuable tokens that can be traded within the community. For businesses, NFTs now stand as markers of authenticity, creating deeper customer connections.

Re-investment back into Tagcash

Proceeds from the sales of TAG NFTs are channeled into creating games and apps. Through the Hackathon App's mockathons, TAG NFT token holders can influence development directions. Additionally, specific TAG NFT variables can dictate in-game character skills, adding layers of complexity and engagement.

Empowerment for Groups

The "TAG NFT" app allows groups to showcase and sell NFTs either from the Tagcash unsold inventory (with groups earning 25% of the sale), or resell its own acquired TAG NFTs for the price it sets, both directly or via 5 day auction. This fosters a symbiotic relationship, as NFT owners' assets grow in value with increased game or app integration, and developers tap into a ready market of users.

By melding the TAG NFTs with group membership, content consumption, membership or other app use cases, it paves the way for a richer, more immersive digital future. For updates or to delve into this NFT revolution, visit

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Tagcash is a comprehensive fintech platform that enables businesses and groups to create and monetize their own customized member communities with a wide range of integrated services.

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