Create an account by registering with Tagcash here on the website or downloading tagcash Wallet from Google Playstore. You can optionally register and login using your Facebook or Google Account.

If you are in the Philippines, you will automatically be given a PHP Wallet and a PLAY points wallet with 1000 Points in it, so you can play with transferring points to others before transferring real money. If located outside of the Philippines, only the PLAY wallet will be available to you. There is no value to PLAY points, they are for fun and practice only.

Depending which country tagcash operates in, you can cash in via any 7-Eleven (2% fee deducted by 7-Eleven), via all major banks over the counter or online, using Bitcoin or Tagcoin that will be converted to local currency, or via Agents that you can find using the app.

Tagcash has a daily limit of 2000 Pesos cash in with email verification, and 50,000 pesos cash in or out after ID verification. Verified Merchants do not have any limits.

Cash out can be requested to a bank account, or via various remittance companies - Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuilier, Smart Pera Padala, Mlhuilier, LBC and Western Union (although they have fees for sending). Cash out can also be done via Agents who you can find around you in the app, and their fees may be lower. Cashout can also be to Bitcoin or Tagcoin wallets.

There are no fees to setup a merchant account, and no transaction fees for any direct wallet transactions between users to merchant, merchant to user or merchant to merchant.

After you have created a personal account, you can create as many merchant accounts as you like. Each merchant account has its own wallets, membership management, roles and closed loop currencies should you wish to create them.

On the website, click on merchants and simply choose Create Merchant. For cashout to banks, you must supply us with company certificate (ie: DTI or SEC Certificate) for verification. If using the mobile app ,you can create a merchant account within seconds using the left navigator menu, and upload company document using the Verify button in preferences.

Bitcoin and Tagcoin are cryptocurrencies - digital currencies that derive user belances from a central ledger that is updated every few minutes, that contain all the transactions ever done between users. For more technical information please visit or

We use the Tagcoin blockchain (the public ledger) to register and confirm every transaction made within Tacgash. Behind the scenes, when you transfer or spend Tagcash, you are in reality buying and selling Tagcoin cryptocurrency. Your wallet address for Tagcoin (inside your local currency wallet) contains the equivalent amount of Tagcoin which can be withdrawn at any time, guaranteeing your funds at the rate of exchange at that time. Tagcash must at all times hold the equivalent value of all funds held by everyone in the system, in Tagcoin cryptocurrency. The spread between buy and sell rates is 5% for tagcoin and 3% for Bitcoin. One advantage of Tagcoin over Bitcoin if you hold funds in your own offsite wallet, is that it makes 5% per year by leaving it open to the network to contribute to the stability of the blockchain public ledger.
One may ask why we do not use the Bitcoin Blockchain for our transactions, and the answer is because the transaction fees for each transaction in Bitcoin are too high for micro transactions within Tagcash.

When you have logged in on the website, choose the Wallets tab, then with your cash balance showing, click the Transfer button. Then choose Merchant or User and enter the TAG ID or email of the Recipient, enter any remarks and click SEND.

The transfer will appear in the other person's wallet immediately, but will not be spendable for a few minutes while the transaction is confirmed on the Tagcoin Blockchain. Once confirmed you will see a Confirmed status on the transaction detail.

Within the Tagcash Wallet App, use the Send Button to send money, with the same options as above.

Tagcash is a mobile/web platform that uses blockchain technology to offer its customers a convenient and affordable way to store and transfer money, make payments and transact with merchants on the Tagcash Platform.

When you transact within Tagcash, you are using digital currency to store value and purchase services. Your balances are stored as digital currency, and all transactions are recorded on the blockchain. This is true for both the bitcoin (“BTC”) tagcoin ("TAG")and PHP wallets available in your account.

One of the benefits of having an account with Tagcash is that it also allows you to send and receive funds, and purchase goods and services from anyone, anywhere in the world - as long they have a bitcoin wallet. To send money to that person all you need is their unique bitcoin wallet address.

- For balance checking, just type BAL for user peso balance checking or BAL#COMMUNITY_ID for community peso balance checking.

- For user to user transfers, just type USER_RECIPIENT_ID#AMOUNT or USER_RECIPIENT_ID#AMOUNT#FOUR_DIGIT_PIN (if pin is required on wallet transfers).
For example: 1#10 will send 10 pesos to ID 1

- For user to community transfers, type C#COMMUNITY_RECIPIENT_ID#AMOUNT or C#COMMUNITY_RECIPIENT_ID#AMOUNT#FOUR_DIGIT_PIN (if pin is required on wallet transfers). For example: C#2#10 will send 10 pesos to ID 2 (which is the Tagcash merchant account).

A confirmation email is sent to the recipient to confirm the transaction. Sometimes it may be delayed due to network issues.

And send to the following numbers:

For Globe - 09167262547
For Smart - 09288737500
For Sun Cellular - 09331501562
Regular rates applied

The Tagcash NFC is for transferring closed loop currency from your online wallet to the app on your phone and onwards into an NFC card, wristband or other NFC device. The app can also deduct from the same devices, and then remit the currency back online if needed. The app can only write and read from nTAG216 type NFC devices, which are available for sale from Tagcash or many online retailers including Amazon. nTAG216 devices can store up to 35 different Tagcash wallets.

After downloading and installing the app, you will need any RFID card or device to connect to the app for the admin setup and login. Once done, you can click on the Settings Button and connect or create a Merchant account with Tagcash, and use either the PLAY currency that comes with each account when created, or visit the Tagcash site and create your own currency. Choose the Payment Options button for currencies you will work with, and on the Inventory button select different methods of charging.

Use the Transactions button to pull funds down from the online wallet (you must know your PIN code to do this), or to send funds back into the online wallet from the device.

The price for using your own currency is $10 per month per device, but free to play with the PLAY currency to experiment with the system.