Tagcash is proud to launch Mockups, a straightforward yet powerful app designed to cater to the growing need for interactive and dynamic design mockups. It aims to provide a platform that simplifies the process of designing, testing, sharing, and iterating mockups, even for non-technical users.

Key Features

Graphics and Layouts Integration: Initially, Mockups will enable users to easily import graphics and layouts created externally. This ensures flexibility for designers to use their preferred tools without any limitation.

Hotspots Creation: A unique feature of Mockups is the ability to add hotspots to graphics, allowing actions such as hide, show, or toggle between different visual elements. This functionality will offer users an intuitive way to simulate user interaction within the design.

Quick Functionality Testing: A simplified testing environment within the app enables users to quickly check the interactivity of their designs. This ensures that the desired functionality is achieved without the need for complex tools or coding knowledge.

Sharing and Commenting: Sharing interactive mockups with group members for viewing and commenting will streamline the collaboration process. Collecting feedback becomes seamless, encouraging open dialogue and constructive feedback.

Integration with other apps: A novel addition to Tagcash's suite of apps is the "Mockathons" feature, integrated into the hackathon app. This allows non-technical users to participate in design competitions, fostering creativity and inclusivity within the community. You will also be able to display selected mockups in other Apps such as Tasks, newsfeed, Group Chats and other apps.

Future Developments

While the initial release of Mockups is geared towards simplicity, future updates will include:

Icons, Buttons, and Shapes: These will be added to provide more design elements, making the creation process even more versatile.

Library of Layout Components: A graphical library containing various layout components will be introduced. This will allow users to quickly assemble interactive mockups without the need to start from scratch.


Mockups is designed with the understanding that simplicity does not have to come at the expense of functionality. By creating a platform that accommodates both technical and non-technical users, Mockups paves the way for a new era in interactive design within the Tagcash ecosystem. The introduction of this app signals Tagcash's commitment to innovation and its continued effort to create tools that empower its community. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting out, Mockups offers a user-friendly approach to bring your design ideas to life.

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