In the realm of community management, Tagcash has risen as a game-changer, offering a suite of membership features that redefine how groups interact, engage, and thrive. From creating diverse member roles and integrating NFT ownership to managing communication and customizing app functionality, Tagcash' membership features are a catalyst for transforming communities into vibrant ecosystems of interaction and growth.

Tailored Member Roles: Admins, Users, and Beyond

Tagcash' membership capabilities revolve around the flexibility to create distinct member roles. Group administrators can establish not only standard user roles but also multiple levels of admin roles, each equipped with varying permissions. This hierarchical structure empowers groups to manage their members efficiently, enabling different roles to access specific functionalities within the ecosystem.

Flexible Membership Pricing: From Free to Subscription Models

One of the standout features of Tagcash is its versatile membership pricing. Groups have the option to offer memberships for free or implement pricing models based on monthly, yearly, or even lifetime subscriptions. This adaptability allows groups to align their membership offerings with their goals, financial strategies, and the preferences of their target audience.

Curated Membership Approval: Fostering Authentic Community

The authority to approve members lies in the hands of group administrators, ensuring that only genuinely interested and relevant individuals become part of the community. This curation process sets the stage for fostering a community of authenticity and shared interests.

Linking NFT Ownership to Membership Access

Tagcash raises the bar by integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with membership access. This innovation enables groups to offer exclusive content, experiences, or perks to users who own specific NFTs. By bridging NFT ownership with membership benefits, groups can create unique value propositions that elevate engagement and reinforce a sense of ownership.

Effortless Member Management: Lists and Role Types

Tagcash simplifies member management through two essential tools: Lists and Role Types.

  • Lists: Organize and communicate with members efficiently by categorizing them into lists based on criteria like engagement levels, interests, or demographics. This targeted approach ensures that information reaches the right audience.
  • Role Types: The role-based approach adds granularity to member management. Assign specific roles to members based on their responsibilities, expertise, or contributions, granting tailored access within the group ecosystem.

Scheduled Broadcast Messages: Communication at Its Best

Effective communication is central to community engagement. Tagcash enables administrators to schedule broadcast messages to specific role types or lists, ensuring that members stay informed, engaged, and connected.

Elevating Capabilities with Database Builder and App Maker

Tagcash' membership features extend beyond communication and management. Seamlessly integrated with the Database Builder and App Maker, groups can tailor their ecosystem to meet specific needs.

  • Database Builder: Create, manage, and access databases with ease. Data organization becomes intuitive, enhancing accessibility and functionality.
  • App Maker: Design custom applications without coding using the drag-and-drop App Maker. Craft layouts, views, and actions that empower members and streamline processes.

In Action: Diverse Applications

  • Companies: Manage employee interactions, with varied permissions for roles or lists to access and utilize different apps.
  • Sports Groups: Coordinate schedules, share updates, and facilitate collaboration among team members.
  • Church Groups: Foster spiritual growth by offering a hub for discussions, event planning, and sharing resources.
  • Influencers: Monetize memberships by offering exclusive content, live sessions, or personalized interactions.

In conclusion, Tagcash' membership features reimagine community management, transforming groups into thriving ecosystems of interaction and collaboration. With customizable roles, pricing options, NFT integrations, efficient member management, and app customization, Tagcash empowers groups to curate unique experiences that resonate with their members' needs and aspirations. The platform serves as a testament to how technology can amplify community connections and engagement, enabling groups to flourish in the digital age.

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About Us

Tagcash is a comprehensive fintech platform that enables businesses and groups to create and monetize their own customized member communities with a wide range of integrated services.

Tagcash Ltd is registered in USA and Philippines (authorised and regulated by the BSP (Central Bank of Philippines) as an Electronic Money Issuer.)