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Register and login, set your unique username in your profile, start posting in your personal newsfeed, share your personal referral URL, invite others and earn! Add up to 10 favorite groups to your "Promote and Earn" page, or let Tagcash find the best groups to help you earn referral income.

Group Account

One or more Group accounts can be created from the Groups Menu, and then you can switch back and forth between your personal account and your managed Group(s). Different mini apps can then be selected for your members to use. Share your URL as, for example or Visitors will see the group as public, with public postings and other content you offer to everyone, without needing to login. The button is there to join and subscribe, and only then will they need to login to view, join, pay etc. Alternatively, you can set your own url domain in group settings, so for the above examples, the same thing can be access by or

How can I monetize my Group?

A group does not need to make money, but if you want, there are various ways to earn:

Membership Charging - Create Member Types and set a membership charge - monthly, yearly or lifetime. Access to or permissions to apps and functionality can then be set via member type. Optionally, a group can be linked to a personal account, and will appear in member listing with more prominence, allowing you to charge more.

Content Charging - Content delivery Mini Apps such as Video Tutorials or a Content Library can charge for content consumption. Retain 100% of sales from podcasts, vlogs, ebooks, long form articles and more. You can also enable member generated content to be posted and monetized, sharing the income with those users at the percentage you set.

Pay to Post - Charge to post to your Group newsfeed, offer a high referral percentage, or a mix of both.

App Access - Control access or set fees to apps. For example for the Marketplace, resellers could be charged to create their own shops to sell to your users, in auctions, charge per item added. For the Jobs mini app, charge per job added or just to be able to post jobs.

Referral Fees - Tagcash offers 25% of any fee income earned from users if registering through your personal or group link. Groups can also earn from referral links via promote and Earn page, or via newsfeed boosts. So if a user signs up to Tagcash through your link, and then creates their own group you will earn 25% of the charges they pay us for data storage and transfer.

Advertising - You can decide to run advertising within your group, and you will receive 75% of the income.

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About Us

Tagcash is a comprehensive fintech platform that enables businesses and groups to create and monetize their own customized member communities with a wide range of integrated services.

Tagcash Ltd is registered in USA and Philippines (authorised and regulated by the BSP (Central Bank of Philippines) as an Electronic Money Issuer.)