Mini App Development

Tagcash is developed in Google Flutter, to enable modular development and dynamic loading of "Mini Apps". Optional use of APIs allow you to integrate with users and Business Accounts for user access control, payments etc.

Mini Apps are free to add to the platform, and can be access controlled by your own Business Account or made open so other Business Accounts can add to their private or public display. They can be free or charged to use.

Referral percentages of income can be offered to incentivise users and Businesses to share and promote a Mini App.

Developer Features

Tagcash offers features to help with development:

Private GitLab Access - HTML and Flutter apps are given a gitlab repository address, via which you can add other developers to work on your project. These repositories can be private or public.

Appwrite - A private Appwrite account is set up for each business account that develops its own mini apps. Data can also be real time. This data is yours and can be used as you see fit. REST APIs can easily be built within app write.

APIs - APIs are also offered to interact with user and business accounts. Details at

Gasless EVM Network - A gasless EVM (Ethereum based) blockchain is available for app developers, especially but not limited to integration of PHP Stablecoin.

Mini App 1 Mini App 2

About Us

Tagcash is a comprehensive fintech platform that enables businesses and groups to create and monetize their own customized member communities with a wide range of integrated services.

Tagcash Ltd is registered both in Delaware USA, and Philippines (authorised and regulated by the BSP (Central Bank of Philippines) as an Electronic Money Issuer.)