Business Accounts (Free, Silver and Gold)

Business Accounts can be created quickly, after registering as a normal user in the system. By default, each business account has its own wallet balance and transactions etc. Any money sent to that account will have a 2% merchant fee deducted automatically, unless coming from a staff member or yourself, or you have subscribed to a higher level (Silver is 1% and Gold is 0%).

Business Accounts can be further customised to offer your staff or customers various services via templated mini apps. Customisation is done by adding and controlling access to Mini Apps on the Business Private Page (Staff only), Public Page (for members) and Member Page (apps that display when you access a user profile from your Business Account)

A Business Public Page is accessed by users using format, or optionally a custom domain name can be added in Settings (eg: would load an example Business Account normally set as Users are then inside your site and cannot see other parts of the Tagcash system. And finally, you can export an APK app for use in Google Play Store. It looks exactly the same as the web version of your Business Account

Referral percentages can be offered to other users, which they can earn by sharing and promoting your Mini Apps or Business Accounts on their own Pages.

How to earn from your Business Account

There are various ways to earn:

Membership Charging - Create Member Roles and set a membership charge - monthly, yearly or lifetime.

Content Charging - Content delivery Mini Apps such as Video Tutorials or a Content Library can charge for content

App Charging - Some Mini Apps enable the charging to your members for usage. For example for the Marketplace, micropayments can be charged for adding of items to shops, or in Auctions, can be set to charge per bid to be paid by the seller or the buyer.

Promote other Businesses - Add up to 10 other Business Accounts in your promotional area or offer a percentage affiliate income for others to share yours.

Create your own Mini Apps - Create your own Mini App and charge monthly rental to use it.

About Us

Tagcash is authorised and regulated by the BSP (Central Bank of Philippines) as an Electronic Money Issuer.

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