Breaking New Ground in Digital Publishing

Tagcash is venturing into the long-form content space with its upcoming app, "Articles." Aimed at empowering group creators, the application will enable users to create and monetize articles either through subscription models or pay-per-view features. The intention is to redefine the economics of digital publishing by delivering control back into the hands of content creators.

Search Engine Compatibility

One of the notable features of "Articles" is that it's not restricted to the Tagcash app environment. The app's architecture ensures all articles are also published to the web using a specific URL structure: This dual-publishing approach makes the content discoverable by search engines, thus expanding its reach beyond the Tagcash ecosystem.

Flexible Monetization Strategies

Content creators have multiple options for monetizing their articles:

  • Display an advert before the content.
  • Offer two or three free paragraphs, then prompt users to log into their Tagcash group to read the rest.
  • Enable immediate payment via Bitcoin Lightning, using a pop-up QR code for instant reading access.

Revenue Distribution

What sets this apart is the revenue model. If you are the sole creator, you get to keep 100% of the income generated. If the articles are guest contributions from group members, the revenue is shared 50/50 between the member and the group creator.

A Response to Current Shortcomings in the Creator Economy

As argued in a thoughtful reflection on the state of the creator economy, the existing platforms predominantly serve the interests of centralized entities. The article underscores that "the creator economy is rigged," partly due to the monopoly of centralized payment providers and the constraints of recurring subscription models.

The Role of Bitcoin Lightning

The Bitcoin Lightning Network could be a game-changer in this context, offering an alternative payment method that decentralizes the monetization process. It allows for instant, fee-less transactions, and in the case of Tagcash's "Articles," it offers a way to pay for content directly and immediately.


Tagcash's "Articles" app aims to not just be another platform for publishing but a significant step forward in democratizing the creator economy. By providing multiple pathways for monetization and ensuring content discoverability through search engines, it intends to bring control and profits back to the people who matter most—the creators.

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