Digital Wallets for a modern world

Fiat currencies

Tagcash Wallets can handle multiple Fiat Currencies, with all the benefits of a distributed ledger, but with more control to comply with regulations.

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Custom tokens

Custom tokens can be created for many uses - Rewards, cryptocurrency, private currencies, assets representing physical items and more.

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Trading of tokens created on Tagcash, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and Fiat Currencies such as USD & PHP.

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Merchant and customer services for remittances, transfer, disbursements, payments, spending, and earning using our services.

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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Tagcash has launched an initial coin offering, selling Tagcash tokens in advance of usage on the platform and to spur development within the community.

Read the White Paper (ICO) or contact us for more details.

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Tagcash Wallet

Download mobile apps to access Wallets and services - Check balances, transactions, deposit and withdraw and send to others. User and Merchant accounts. Features include usage of QR codes and NFC.

Tagcash is busy working on new versions of the Wallet to include Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets to add to the existing Managed Wallets.


Tagcash NFC

For offline usage of wallet currencies, Tagcash NFC can store, credit and debit onto NFC bands and cards. Assets can be moved from an online account to the mobile device and on to the cards or bands, and then back onto the device and then onto the online account.

Great for transport applications, music festivals, or anywhere there is little or no internet.

Features under Development

Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets.

Peer to Peer Lending

Crowdfunding - One stop ICO shop for launching, trading and services

Vouchers to create, distribute or sell

Voting for ICOs, small to large campaigns, all on the blockchain

Giftcards, rewards, loyalty and more

About Us

Tagcash is a digital ewallet developer and provider, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology.

Our Contacts

21/F, 88 Corporate Center,
141 Valero Street,
Makati City, Philippines

+63 (02) 955 7081
+63 (02) 385 6797